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The Gift of Sisterhood


"It's a girl!" The doc proudly announced to my parents that snowy November day some 32 years ago. I was greeted back at home by my 2 older sisters, ages 1 month shy of 3 and 1. Thus starts my story of sisterhood.

As those happy years of farm life rolled by, the number of sisters steadily increased. Soon the 3 of us girls turned into 4, then 5, then 6, then 7, and finally baby sister #8 joined the clan. All of us incredibly unique. Sure, some of us inherited our dear grandma's beloved hips, some of us our dad's eyes and others our mom's laugh. But personality-wise, we couldn't be more different from each other. Yes, many battles were raged over the years due to this, but it is also our uniqueness that makes our family so special.

As youngsters, we quickly figured out who was the most fun to explore in the woods with. Who had the strongest work ethic to be paired up with on a job. Who had the best singing voice to stand next to for the family Christmas pageant when dad embarrassed us by making us sing in front of all the relatives. Who was the smoothest talker to get us out of trouble and who was the bravest to talk to adults in awkward adolescent situations.

As an adult, I still seek out a different sister for support depending upon the situation. I get advice from some, hand-me-downs from others, as well as a good laugh, a listening ear, inspiration, a reality check, a warm meal, a helping hand on a project, and spiritual counsel to name a few of the many blessings I receive from my sisters. And despite the diversity amongst us, I get unconditional love from all 7 of them.

When I was a baby I had 2 sisters and that number continued to increase every few years. Miraculously, that number still increases to this day. While my blood sisters hold a special place in my heart, as I loved them first, I continue to gain new sisters in Christ to this day. These women offer me so much love and also fill many of the same roles as my real sisters do, but also unique ones that they can't fill.

Isn't this what the Body of Christ looks like? Some of my sisters, biological as well as in Christ, are the hands. Some are the feet, some are the mouth, the loving arms, and some may even be the little ol' pinky toe, but a necessary part just the same.

I realize that most people aren't as lucky as I am to have been blessed with 7 sisters. You might only have one sister, and you might not even get along! But as daughters of the Most High King, you have millions of sisters in Christ here in the Catholic Church, just waiting to love you. I encourage you to reach out and find some solid sisters to help you on your journey toward sainthood.

It says in Genesis, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." Remembering that my degree is in agriculture, meaning I am NOT a biblical scholar, allow me to translate this in good ol' fashion redneck. "It ain't good for ANYONE, and especially us ladies, to not have a kick-butt army of sisters cheering us on!"

Until next time my dear friends- your sister in Christ,


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