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Making Time to Just Be


Most people’s minds are blown when I mention that I have 7 sisters and no brothers. Statistically speaking, the chances of that happening is only 0.39%, and because I am no real mathematician, I would round that puppy down and loosely say that it is awfully close to impossible.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had had a few brothers sprinkled into the mix of siblings. Perhaps I would have been less boy crazy in my younger years… Boys were mysterious and fascinating to me. As a mother of 3 boys now, I can confidently say that, yes they are fascinating! But they are also pretty darn gross. The unnecessary bodily noises, the restless need to touch (and often break) things, and the endless conversations about tractors and other large machines aren’t exactly the things of anyone’s dreams.

But alas, I didn’t know any of this all those years ago, and that is probably a good thing! Somebody recently asked me if I thought that my family would still be so close if we had brothers. Obviously, we will never know the answer to that question. I know many women that have amazing friendships with their brothers in their adult lives. But I really do believe that our sisterhood is the secret sauce to our family being so close.

We sisters interact much differently than guys do. As my boys have grown, I have noticed that they bond shoulder to shoulder. Whether it be building the latest lean-to onto the fort in the woods, fishing side by side on the dock, or helping their dad fix one of the steer stuffers like they did this past weekend. They use very little words, but despite the silence, are strengthening their bonds through doing. We women strengthen our bonds by being. We delight and feel loved in chit-chatting out on the back deck, or laying on dad’s couches, or sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee. This simple conversation and the joy of simply being together is what strengthens our feminine ties.

My dear sisters in Christ, I hope you love the men in your own life, and “do” things with them, but I really encourage you to love the women in your life as well by “being” with them. Be that listening ear. Be the encouragement that they may need. Be the laugh that brightens their day. Be the hug that warms their heart. But most importantly, be the light that brings them closer to Christ.

We women are such a blessing to each other. Let’s take the time to celebrate this precious gift and make time to just be.

Until next time my dear friends- your sister in Christ,


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