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Come Holy Spirit!

I remember as a kid, making myself dizzy, thinking about God and his capacity to love each person on the earth equally. The more I thought about His love, the more I realized how big of a mystery He really is. His Omnipresence means that there is no place to which God’s knowledge and power do not extend. He has the capacity to maintain an intimate and personal relationship with each person on the earth when we allow Him in. He will surpass our capacity to love if we pay attention to how relational He is.

My relationship with the Holy Spirit has been on the fast track over the last few months. It all started after a prophetic experience in January. I received an image of a soaring bald eagle in prayer.

Soon after that experience, bald eagles began appearing everywhere. I would be driving and a bald eagle would be sitting on the side of the road or someone would have a bald eagle statue in their yard. Patriotic people would have an eagle sticker on the back of their truck window or an eagle flag in their yard. My favorite eagle spotting was on our honeymoon. We were at an antique shop in Crosby, MN. After a few minutes of shopping around I said “Holy Spirit, give me something, let me know you are here.” We walked down to the basement floor of the shop and BAM. The first thing I saw was a massive wood carving of an eagle. I started laughing and thanked the Holy Spirit for spending the day with us.

Eagles have become the base of how we communicate. Time and time again the Holy Spirit has used eagles to confirm or deny movement in my life. Just a few days ago, an eagle sticker on a kindergarteners shirt was confirmation to a prayer that I am exactly where I am needed to be in my career.

If somebody else saw an eagle mailbox while driving down a county road they probably wouldn't think twice about it. I, however, feel so close to the Lord each time I am gifted with an eagle sighting. As christians we are so fortunate to have a personal and intimate God who makes himself tangible for us.

This week we celebrate Pentecost! This feast is one of the most pivotal days of our faith history. Jesus, who was beaten, mocked, abandoned and killed forgave those who hurt him. On top of forgiveness, He gifted the world with the Holy Spirit. This divine influence unites us with Christ and gives us influential power to access the supernatural world here on earth! This is such a big deal! The Holy Spirit is the driving force of evangelization in our time. We need His outpouring to combat the negativity and evil in the world. Jesus was so generous to give us such a powerful and majestic gift.

It is up to us to let go of our worry, fear, pride, and envy. If our hands are too full, we are unable to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and we are unable to notice all of the ways He is already at work. I promise you, He is at work! Come Holy Spirit! Reveal yourself to us!

Until Next Time~Your Sister in Christ,


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