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The Time when Fitness Consumed my Life

I used to consider myself an athlete. I never played sports in school, unless you count my experience with fifth-grade softball, but I was physically strong. There was a point in time when I would sprint 2 miles and then complete a 20-minute HIIT workout or go on an 8-mile run in preparation for the half-marathon I was training for. I lived for the challenging workout videos I found on YouTube.

Physically I was strong, but mentally and spiritually, I was weak.

I idolized fitness and working out became my god. Fitness consumed my life. I planned my day and meals around my workout.  I prioritized working out before spending time with people and would beat myself up if I let a day go by without moving my body.

It was toxic. 

My morning routine would consist of working out, breakfast, getting ready for work, and giving whatever little extra time I had to prayer. My priorities were out of whack! 

Eventually, this lifestyle led me to over-fatigue my body, and I had to give up high-intensity fitness. You can read more about my journey in this post I shared a year and a half ago.

I am now an advocate for women sticking to low-impact workouts and leisurely walks around the neighborhood. This slower pace has made me appreciate finding balance in life. When I found balance, I found peace. 

God created us wholly with a mind, body, and soul. They are all connected, and when there is a balance in our life, between the three, life operates smoothly. 

However, there will be seasons, in our life,  when one of these areas is lacking and will need extra support. We will experience mental blocks, desolation in prayer, physical ailments, health scares, or mental illness. 

When we remain in a relationship with the Holy Spirit, He will guide and illuminate how to navigate these seasons. He will provide the roadmap to navigate mental blocks. He will highlight what to do next in prayer. He will bring us to medical answers. We do not need to overcompensate or hyperfocus on one area, like I did with fitness.  He is our strength and will guide us back to peace.  

As we wrap up our series on the mind, body, and soul connection, I will leave you with a quote from Gretchen Saffles, "The joy of the Lord is my strength. Not my second cup of coffee. Not my own abilities, time at the gym, or a full night of rest. It is his joy that surpasses any trial, any feeling, and any season. His joy is a fortress of rest, a shelter from the sun, and a shield from the enemy’s attacks. It keeps me going when I want to quit. Strengthens my weary body and soul, and transforms my perspective."

Until next time, your sister in Christ,


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