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The Mustard Seed

I miss my job working at a greenhouse during college! I spent my summer days watering and caring for the multitude of vegetables and flowers we sold off of the greenhouse benches. On top of the killer tan lines, my horticulture knowledge expanded which allowed me to help customers decide on the perfect variety of rose to add to their rose display in the back yard or assist new gardeners on how to lay out their vegetable garden. It was a blast!

During the earliest months of spring, while there is still a chill in the air, the propagation process began! My job was to fill each garden flat with soil and make sure the soil was perfectly level. My boss would then use a seed shaker and drop one seed into every space. We carefully watered the seeds and placed them on a warm incubator shelf. Eventually the seeds sprouted and their roots were strong enough to transplant into larger pots. It was our job, as the gardeners, to provide the necessary resources and growing conditions to make sure each seed eventually bloomed!

Jesus loved to preach about gardening. In more than one parable, he taught about seeds and their growing conditions. For as long as I can remember, the parable of the ‘Mustard Seed’ has been my favorite! The mustard seed is so tiny! But after years of growing it becomes one of the largest and most beautiful trees in the garden! Because of its physical strength, the mustard seed was fulfilling its purpose by providing a home and a source of shelter for the birds of the sky. Its roots were so wide and so deep that it was durable during any storm!

We often get caught up in the ‘littleness’ of the mustard seeds planted in our lives. Forgetting that it takes time to cultivate our lives in order to fully be rooted in who we are called to be, it can be easy to settle under our makeshift limitations!

The desire to use my music talent as a form of evangelization has been on my heart for the last few years. I didn't realize the Lord planted that seed long before I realized it. He then gave me ideal growing conditions to use music for ministry by rooting my education in music and fertilizing my confidence by giving me the opportunity to cantor at mass. Jesus worked alongside me as we weeded out lies of not being ‘holy’ enough or not having the skills required. I felt like I was too little and was not spiritually mature enough to lead others in prayer. Jesus the Gardener met me in those places and replaced the weeds of lies with seeds of confidence.

With every worship/adoration night that I am called to lead, I can not help but think about the growth within my heart. To fully bloom, we must start small and trust in Jesus the entire growing process.

My dear sisters, what are the mustard seeds planted in your life that the Lord is waiting to cultivate? Are you willing to spend time with Jesus the Gardener in prayer discussing which gifts and talents he would like to grow and develop within you? Are you ready to walk alongside Jesus to weed out any areas that are choking your true identity? Open your hearts to the seed of His love! He will bless you enormously!

Until next time~your sister in Christ,


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