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Tearing the Roof Apart

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

I don’t know about you, but when someone makes the comment, “you drive like a girl” or “you throw like a girl” I GET SO ANNOYED. Growing up on a farm I led myself to believe that I was just as ‘buff’ and hard working as the neighbor boy. Nothing could stand in my way! For the most part I was self sufficient during chores because I could lift not only one, but two 5 gallon pails (one in each hand) at the same time. I impress myself each summer with my ability to drive (and efficiently back up/park) a truck and trailer that is well over 60 feet long. To help you gage the size, my Chevy Equinox is about 12 feet long. The truck and trailer are roughly 5 times the length of my somewhat decent sized vehicle. YIKES!

I could self brag about all of my farming accomplishments and abilities, but it is also important for me to share that I am well aware of my limitations. I have learned the beauty in asking for help. I would much rather request assistance from our hired hand in driving through a tight situation over demolishing a building with the tail end of the trailer. It is much easier to ask for help to lift a tractor tire out of the bed of the pickup truck over risking a smashed toe.

Self reliance can be so empowering...but most of the time it can be dangerous!

Let's take a look at the story of the paralytic who’s friends carried him to Jesus on a stretcher. For reference, this particular story is found in the first few chapters of Mark’s gospel. Jesus welcomed a large number of people into his home as he taught and preached them. However, this particular day the crowd was so large there was zero wiggle room within the house. People were tucked into every single possible space, shoulder to shoulder, with little room to move.

Because it was impossible to carry him through the weave of people, the friends of the paralytic took matters into their own hands. They tore apart the roof and lowered him down in order to make sure their dear friend made it to Jesus. Talk about friendship! His friends knew the limitations of their paralized companion and took action. They literally tore apart the building to bring him closer to Christ. The honest truth is that if the paralytic relied on himself to get to Jesus, he physically would never make it. We do not know if he asked for assistance but we do know that his band of friends guaranteed that he made it to the feet of our Lord.

As I reflect on the band of people in my life I am so blessed to have a sisterhood of women that meet up every other Monday night to talk about our Catholic faith. I have a solid group of Christian friends that I know I can rely on when things get tough and I have seven blood sisters that I know will tear down any wall or break through any roof if that is what it takes to bring me closer to Jesus.

I pray that you too have an empowering group of women around you, a sisterhood to help you, and a loving tribe to shower you with the love you all deserve. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you are struggling. Find a sister to lean on and be the sister willing to go above and beyond for other women.

Until next time~ Your sister in Christ,


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