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Normalizing Compliments

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

You can not deny that an unexpected compliment is the absolute best! Especially when it is from the mouth of someone you do not know! Compliments in general help to fill our basic need as a woman to be seen, known and loved. Most of the time a compliment has enough effect to change our entire perspective on the day we are having.

This past Friday was the end to a really busy and exhausting week….I was heading into the last day of the theater camp I was running. I was in charge of 30 elementary aged kids and in one short week we put together a 30 minute musical. Friday was our performance day! I woke up extra early, threw on my favorite dress and drove straight to the coffee shop before meeting the theater kids at school. The simple dark blue dress I chose that morning had a floral pattern that I find to be perfect for every occasion! However, the dress itself was nothing special.

As I was ordering at the coffee shop I couldn't help but think how tired I must have looked to the girl standing behind the counter. I still had my morning voice, my sleepy eyes and I was not giving off an enthusiastic vibe. But to my surprise, as I was paying, she smiled at me and said, “I really love your dress. Where did you get it?” I shared how I got my dress on Amazon and left with my coffee in hand feeling a little more confident about my appearance!

There are so many times I find myself thinking ‘Her shoes are so cute!’ or ‘I wonder if she knows how awesome her laugh is!’ But I never say anything to the person! Living within the comfort of our own bubble is simply easier than approaching someone and complimenting them! In a way, we are self protecting because giving someone a flattening remark is taking a risk…they might not receive it well.

In fact, most women do not receive compliments well! We often deflect kind words because we may not believe them to be true or we want to appear to be modest. Rarely do women accept a compliment with a simple ‘thank you.’

Sisters, we were made in the image and likeness of God! This means that God manifests Himself on earth through the unique and special qualities that each of us possess. If God gave us the gift of womanhood we are really complimenting Him and His beautiful work when we show admiration to another woman. We are giving Him all of the glory when we step out of our comfort zone and compliment one of His daughters. More importantly, when we openly receive kind words from another woman, we are acknowledging our worth and value derives from Him.

Let’s become an army of women who assist one another in meeting our needs of being seen, known, and loved. Will you join me this week in seeking out an opportunity to compliment a fellow daughter of God?

Until Next Time~Your Sister in Christ,


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