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Hosanna Through Donkey Ears

My back was killing me. It felt like I was carrying the weight of the world. My legs were tired. I was unsure of how long I could continue moving forward. I felt everyone’s eyes watching me as I passed by. There was shouting and cheering and waving of branches! Then I felt instant relief. I made it to my destination! As I rested in the shade with a cool drink of water, I knew it was time to open my eyes.

I was back in my living room with my bible opened to Mark’s gospel. I was praying about the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem (Mark 1:1-11). To do so, I closed my eyes and placed myself in the story. I absorbed my atmosphere. It was a bright and sunny afternoon. I was walking down a dirt road surrounded by clay-colored architecture. I could feel a slight breeze on my face. There were hundreds of people lining the streets. Children were laughing as they played chasing games. Their parents were waving palm tree branches above their heads. You could hear ‘Hosanna!’ ringing through the streets!

But, as I walked down the streets, the people were not cheering for me. They were praising the Lord Jesus, who was riding on my back! Can you guess who I was in the story? The donkey!!

It was unknown to me, at the time, that placing yourself into one of the gospels is a step in Dan Burke’s method of discovery prayer. Leah wrote about his method a few weeks ago in her post ‘Introduction to Discovery Prayer.’* This form of prayer is a fun and personal way to hear the Lord’s voice.

I began inquiring about my character. Why was I the donkey? Who can take a donkey seriously?! As I journaled on my experience in the streets of Jerusalem, the Lord revealed that I was being a real ‘Eeyore’ and lugging all my baggage into prayer. I was searching for healing and affirmation for days on end. Instead of starting each day new, I would bring up old wounds or places of resentment. I was not making progress because I was in the driver’s seat. Jesus placed a desire on my heart to stop showing up to prayer with an agenda in mind. I had previously unraveled places in my heart that needed His healing love, but He knew I wasn’t ready to go there. He told me that it was my job to give up the reins and let Him lead us to our destination of healing.

Jesus knows the perfect time for us to unpack past wounds. He will lead us there when our hearts are ready to receive His healing love. Through discovery or mental prayer, we grow in a trusting intimacy with the Lord. We can hear His voice unravel in our hearts and lead us to restoration. I challenge you these last few weeks of lent to look at the content of your prayer. How seriously do you treat your prayer time? Is there room for a little fun and humor? Are you ready to give up the reigns and let Him lead you?

Until Next Time, Your Sister in Christ,


If you are interested in learning more about discovery prayer check out our post ‘Introduction to Discovery Prayer' by tapping the button below!

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