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Consistency Throughout 2021

This time of year always brings about much reflection. It is a time to recall fond memories from throughout the year and maybe call to mind times that were challenging. With a new year just around the corner, it is time to reflect on lifestyles and habits. People are setting goals and creating new year resolutions! It is always during this time of year that I find conclusion on how my ‘word of the year’ has played out.

You may be familiar with the common trend of choosing a word for the year. The word is oftentimes something that you want to change or want to focus on throughout the year. Some people use a random word generator to select their word and others use the same style I do and select a word that has been weighing on their heart or a word that continued to pop up!

My word for the year 2021 was ‘consistency’. This time last year I was all over the place. I was not fulfilled in my job, my health was out of whack, and I could not get a grip on my schedule. I was desiring consistency in my day to day life. Throughout the year I would pray about this word…but I did not see any consolation until the last few weeks. God answered my prayer in a bigger and better way. With each inconsistent event or schedule change, God brought about people who will remain consistent in the year 2022! Let me share!!

Let's start with a biggie, Dylan and I got engaged! June 6th was one of the most magical days of my life. He surprised me during an impromptu coffee/walk date! To this day I still do not know how he managed to pull it off because going on a walk that morning was my idea! We are down to the last few months of preparation and it has been so fun to see all of the details of the wedding come together!

On top of getting engaged, Dylan and I bought a house. I know I have mentioned the house in past posts but I can't stop talking about it. The black granite countertops, original hardwood floors and the incredible backyard view is more than I could have asked for! Our new home is only a few minutes away from the home farm and is just down the road from one of my sisters. I take comfort in knowing that after we are married, I will be nice and close to my family!

Our new house is also located in a small town which is intertwined with the school where I am teaching. We have not officially joined any parish yet, but the church in our new town is a part of the same parish cluster as my little school’s church. It has been so fun going to Sunday mass and running into my students. Our new community has been so welcoming and joyus to have us there!

This year has blessed me with the opportunity to join a womens group. Back in March there were only a few of us that met regularly. Slowly we all started inviting people and now our womens groups is over 14 people. I am also a part of a smaller group that has been working through the Walking on Water bible study. Between these two groups of women I am provided with accountability and restoration!

As you have been reading, God has provided changes in this past year to highligh consistent people and relationship in my life, including our blog readers! Starting this blog with my sister, Leah, has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I admit I do not know who half of you readers are, but thank you for you consistency and your willingness to read! Without you this blog would have fizzled out a long time ago. Our goal is to keep writing as long as we have the readers!

The Lord has blessed 2021 with consistant people and relationships. I am excited to see all that He has planned in 2022!

Until next time~Your sister in Christ,


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