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Angels Among Us

Anytime I mentioned being afraid, my mom would say, “Pray to your guardian angel.” And so, when I was too scared to walk across the farm yard alone in the dark, I would pray to my guardian angel.  Anytime I was nervous about a spelling test, I would pray to my guardian angel. As a college student preparing for finals, I would pray to my guardian angel. I loved knowing I was never alone and often after invoking my guardian angel all fear ceased.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church proclaims that "from infancy to death human life is surrounded by their [angels'] watchful care and intercession. Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life. Already here on earth, the Christian life shares by faith in the blessed company of angels and men united in God" (CCC, n. 336).

One sunny afternoon, my sister Leah was at the wheel of our 15-passenger van when traffic came to a screeching halt. Her two options were to smash into the car in front of us or veer off into the ditch. To keep her five younger sisters safe, she hit the ditch.  Given the steep ditch and the degree to which the van was stuck, it is a miracle we did not roll. My elementary-aged self knew that we were in trouble. I was scared. Remembering my mother’s words, I prayed to my guardian angel.

Seconds later, a middle-aged man appeared. Nobody saw him drive up. Nobody saw him get out of his vehicle to help us. He was just there and ready to guide Leah on driving out of the ditch while he pushed from behind with the help of our sister Hannah. The next thing we knew, we were out of the ditch and safely driving home. 

I wholeheartedly believe that man was one of our guardian angels. My childhood heart was filled with love for God. I knew He was listening and was blown away by how quickly my prayer was answered!  

The word “angel” in Hebrew and Greek means “messenger.” Our angel's face is always beholding God's face in heaven. We should invoke the intercession of our angels daily as they bring our prayers directly to God. Our angel is provided the necessary graces to assist us in living out the plan God has in store for us. What a beautiful gift it is to know we have a guardian angel at our side who is guiding, protecting, and interceding on our behalf.

Until next time, your sister in Christ,


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