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Sing to the Lord a New Song

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

“When one of our sisters gets married, I feel kind of sad” is not the response I was anticipating to hear when I told my older sister that I got engaged. This comment did not hurt my feelings in fact it made me smile because this was her unique way of speaking to what we were all feeling. I knew she was genuinely happy to hear that I was getting married, but she was sad thinking about how the dynamic of our sisterhood was going to change. If we are being honest, this is the exact same feeling I had when I really processed the idea of my sister Maria getting married in August. We are all still sisters but our sisterhood will look and feel different. That's okay!

The dynamic of all relationships has to evolve because each human is uniquely changing each and every day. All life events and big milestones cause transformation within us. Sometimes these transformations are easy but more often than not, transitioning into the next chapter of life can be challenging. That is why sisterhood is so important. A true and supportive sister is willing to adapt with/for us.

Music has always been a prevalent part of our families life. Whether my sisters admit it or not, all eight of us are musical. We were all in band and/or choir at some point during our middle and high school years. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to jam with my sisters. It is common for a few of us to gather at the family piano and break out in song. Each sister knows which part to sing so that when our voices are layered together it creates a beautiful harmony. I love to sing in general but there is something so special about singing with my sisters!

Psalm 96 proclaims, “Sing to the Lord a new song”. For each new chapter of life we get to learn a new song to accompany it. The Lord wants us to rejoice and sing with each step we take. He also calls us to sing alongside other women as they journey forward. Anyone who knows music knows that it is almost impossible to sing through a song perfectly the first time you pick up the music. But with the help of another voice, the music is not as daunting.

Within the last few months the soundtrack to my life has changed quite a bit. I am currently singing two new songs! When I said yes to marrying Dylan, I took a step towards transitioning into married life and started singing a new song as an engaged woman. I am also singing a new song of praise because I accepted teaching position at a Catholic school this fall. It has been so comforting to know I do not have to sing these two songs alone. My sisters have been willing to learn these songs alongside me AND have added harmony to make it all the more beautiful.

Just as all of the sisters around me are willing to sing my new songs, I need to make sure that I keep my ears open to any sister that may be singing alone. It is important to support the other women in our lives as they transition to where the Lord is calling them to go. It is quite possible they are singing a song that is very similar to a song you just got done singing or vice versa.

Take a few moments to reflect on your life. Which new songs has the Lord called you to sing? Who are the sisters that have been willing to sing with you? Is there a woman in your life that needs a helping hand? Are you willing to sing alongside her? Do not be afraid to crank up the volume. The Lord gave you your voice, let him hear it!

Until next time~ Your sister in Christ,


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