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Sarcasm, a Venomous Sword

Remember the old nursery rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me.” Raise your hand if you have thought to yourself MULITPLE times how bogus this saying is. Words cut straight to the heart, and cause pain that is much longer-lasting and devastating than most physical wounds.

I am a glass-half-full person and really believe that most people would never intentionally hurt someone with their words- I know it would horrify me to know that I hurt someone with mine! It is often a misinterpretation of the conversation or assumption of intent that leads to problems.

I have always had a quick tongue. It can be a blessing in awkward situations, but a curse in most others. The ability to think before I speak is lost on me and I find myself back-pedaling quite often! My quick wit is often what I consider humorous. It tends to be good-natured, but sometimes what is meant to be an innocent laugh can have a very different affect.

Sarcasm is a humorous staple, and I have always thought of it as such, until recently. I took a class last year and the presenter said that she has no time of day for sarcasm. She will not keep close friends that are sarcastic and will not allow that in her household. I was intrigued- but confused. It can’t possibly be that big of a deal, is it?

I have been mulling this concept around for a year now, simply observing what sarcasm does. The more I observe, the more I am growing to despise this no-longer-humorous behavior! Especially when I see it in my children. It may have been kind of cute when they were toddlers, but now that the older ones are getting to be upper elementary with a middle schooler in the mix, it is a very ugly trait.

Exasperated after a day out with my once sweet, beautiful daughter and hearing her quick, yet negative responses to everything, I decided to take a stand. I announced to the whole family that we are not going to tolerate this behavior anymore. We are going to speak kindly and lovingly. We can still joke around, but not at the expense of cutting someone down.

Dear friends, this blog has become a sort of accountability partner for me. When I write to you every other week, I am usually writing you a message that the Holy Spirit wanted me to first learn, then share with you. I have learned so much from Him and have grown so much as well. I just wanted to remind our readers that we are real people and most certainly don’t live in some holy little fairyland. I am a sinner, thankful for the gift of confession!

This week, I sincerely ask you to pray for me as I fight to bite my tongue and create a new culture in my home. I want to build a habit of only speaking life to others, especially those closest to me. I am so grateful for your prayers! Please let me know how I can pray for you this week as well!

Until next time, my dear sisters in Christ,


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