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2024 National Eucharistic Pilgrimage in the St. Cloud Diocese and Beyond!

Wednesday, May 22 through Friday, May 24, our home diocese of St. Cloud welcomed Jesus in the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage. Hundreds of Catholics from all across our diocese came together for this historic event and we wanted to pay tribute to all of those who helped out and showed up! Please enjoy this collection of photos sent in by readers from across our diocese.

Itinerary for the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage in the St. Cloud Diocese

We had a few members of our diocese travel north to the start of the procession at Lake Itasca, which just happens to be the mighty Mississippi Headwaters.

Sunday, May 19- Itasca State Park

Cassandra Johnson, Pastoral Associate of the Diocese of Crookston.

Tyler Welle and Maretta Van Beck

Wednesday, May 22- Mora, MN

Knights of Columbus

Wednesday, May 22- Gillman, MN

All-Night Adoration

Fr. Matthew Langager

Thursday, May 23- Little Falls, MN

Fr. Patrick Hoeft

Thursday, May 23- St Mary's Cathedral, St. Cloud, MN

Moments before Jesus rolled into town!

Bishop Patrick Neary greeting Jesus in front of the steps of St. Mary's Cathedral.

Perpetual Pilgrims team meeting.

Our Lady of Fatima

Fr. Tim Gapinski holding Kingston Walz

Knights of Columbus standing guard

First Communicants Throwing Flowers

The choir for the family adoration hour, led by Abby Thomas

Friday, May 24- 14-mile procession from St. Cloud to Clear Lake, MN

Kate, Leah's daughter, waving her procession flag.

The vestment bus, faithfully standing by.

Phillip, Leah's son, finishing up his turn walking with Jesus. Notice the candle wax on his rain drenched altar server cassock ;)

Fr. Gregory Mastey holding the Monstrance.

The Procession crossing near St. Cloud State Campus.

Maggie Molitor with Leah Brix during the procession

Kelli Kleinschnitz in the vestment bus.

Servers on the bus in their wet cassocks.

Tricia Walz, coordinator of the St. Cloud Diocese portion of the procession.

Procession Pit Stop, Preusser Family Home, en route to Maple Lake, MN

Sara and Maretta Van Beck

Setting up the altar for Adoration in the Preusser garage.

Working on the mini tabernacle that housed Jesus in the van.
The canopy and wooden tabernacle being transported in the official Pilgrimage Van.

Tricia Walz and Sara Van Beck

Clear Lake, MN

Fr. Mark Stang and Fr. Erik Lundgren

The faithful are alive and well here in Central Minnesota!

The Pilgrimage continues as Catholics from across our country travel to Indianapolis for the National Eucharistic Congress in July. You can track where Jesus is now on the official Pilgrimage website- National Eucharistic Revival: A Grassroots Response to God’s Invitation

A very special thank you to Tricia Walz for all of her hard work, as well as the Eucharistic Revival Committee of the St. Cloud Diocese!

Thank you to Colette Jemming for her beautiful photos taken at Gillman and St. Mary's Cathedral. Colette Jemming (

As well as a thank you to Michael's Media LLC for his incredible aerial views from Little Falls.

Catholic Country Chronicle readers, THANK YOU for sending us your memories from this historic event, and for sharing your stories with us!

Your sisters in Christ,

Leah Brix and Abby Thomas

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